Monday, 23 May 2016

Pharmaceutical Facility Sanitization: Best Practices Considered

Cleanrooms and clean areas must be regularly cleaned and disinfected. This is normally undertaken using a detergent step, followed by the application of a disinfectant. It may be necessary to remove the residue of the disinfectant using water. Cleaning and disinfection should also extend to equipment. Furthermore, with personnel, sanitization is important in relation to glove hands.

In relation to this, Tim Sandle has written an article for American Pharmaceutical Review which reviews the key points to consider for the practical application of a cleaning and validation program within a pharmaceutical facility, with a focus on disinfectant selection.

The reference is:

Sandle, T. (2016) Pharmaceutical Facility Sanitization: Best Practices Considered, American Pharmaceutical Review, March 2016, pp1-5

For a copy, please contact Tim Sandle

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