Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Using microscopes

Keyscience have issued an e-guide for using microscopes. The document is titled “VHX DIGITAL MICROSCOPES Voice of the Customer.”

Here is an extract:

“The majority of our work involves Failure Analyses of parts throughout our plants that have either broken or corroded. Generally, we are tasked with recommending a new material or design change to mitigate the issue. These types of investigations can require numerous microscopic evaluations on the parts being examined. Normally, the type of microscopic evaluations we do include Fracture Analysis of the actual fracture surface or surfaces and analysis of metallographic cross sections for the part being analysed. Often we will need to observe both the polished and unetched microscopic details of the metal, as well as analyse the microstructure of the metals after etching. In addition to this bulk of our work we also do analyses of corrosion coupons used after testing in the field or in our lab. We also use the VHX system from time to time to analyse other non-metallic types of materials and perform various tasks associated with ensuring the quality of these parts is up to standard.”

For further details, see Keyscience here.

Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle

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