Monday, 13 February 2017

Control of transmission mechanism mediated of calcium pulses

A new medical article of interest. looking at the effects of calcium ion depletion on the human cell.

The abstract reads:

Given the importance of calcium for good functioning of the body and knowing its involvement in signaling mechanisms and intercellular transport (which involves mechanisms related to the translation of transmembrane signals), the study outlined combines theoretical and practical data relating to the these processes. Theoretical information is supported by data collected from medical practice. Here attention is paid to the body structures involved in pathologies and changes that have occurred due to imbalance of calcium ions within different structures and at the level of cellular ultrastructure. With the presentation of the structural components, these bring into focus various kinds of diseases associated with calcium ion pulses.

The reference is:

Chescha, A., Sandle, T. and Gyurka, G. A. (2016) Considerations on the structures involved in the control of transmission mechanism mediated of calcium pulses, Annals of The Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 21 (1): 1-6

For further details see: RG

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