Monday, 31 July 2017

The pathologic appendix

Antonella Chesca and Tim Sandle have written an article looking at the pathologic appendix.

Here is the abstract:

Appendix pathology brings together different forms and is found in different age segments. Most susceptible to disease are children. In this context, the children and young people Appendix pathology may be complicated or can be accompanied by damage to adjacent organs, located in the abdominal cavity. This morphological study presents the structural aspects of normal appendix and the ulcerated appendicitis. For observation of structural aspects, has been used classic stainings. It also shows the appendix using immunohistochemical technique.

Here is the reference:

Cheşcă A., Ciomeica A., Sandle T. Structural aspects on pathologic appendix versus normal appendix, Medicine and Ecology, 80 (3): 120-123

The publication can be accessed here.

Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle

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