Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Cleanroom summit

The Cleanroom Management Summit would like to highlight Annex 1 compliance, audit readiness and isolator technology as the essential topics for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Included in the Summit’s Agenda they will result in overall industry development and shall help generate better understanding and expertise.

Annex 1, is an important industry requirement which requires compliance for sterile manufacturing of medicinal products. This standard is being revised in coming months, it is important that we understand the changes and how they would affect the manufacturing process. The Summit will highlight the new changes and our industry expert Mr Farguharson will provide guidance on how to maintain compliance.
Audits are very important in the drug manufacturing industry, they ensure the high quality standards, operational safety & efficiency and the regulatory requirements are achieved to ensure the safety of the customers, therefore preparation for auditing is essential, the Summit will look at this topic in detail with our industry leader giving insight and guidance on how to be Audit ready and how to achieve GMP excellence, these topics will provide essential information and would help your next industry audit go smoothly and incident free.

Isolator technology provides an easier and more cost effective solution for the cleanroom industry, the Summit will see how this technology can be implemented in pharmaceutical manufacturing and it's impact on the overall cleanroom industry.

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