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Pharmaceutical Microbiology Playing a Vital Role in Human's Life

Microbiology refers to the study of micro-organisms which can either be unicellular or cell cluster based microscopic organisms. Prime examples of these are eukaryotes like fungi, prokaryotes and protists. Premature ejaculation causes and symptoms are studied as well. In the intellect of an inferior in human’s life, microbiology refers to the study of life and organisms that are too diminutive for studying with a naked eye. It also includes immunology which is the study of immune system.

Guest post by Dr Amol Bamane

Microbiology means the study of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, algae, virus, etc. Literally, 'micro' means small, 'bio' means life and 'loge' means study. It helps us to understand these small organisms and the benefits that can be cultivated from them.

Pharmaceuticals mean in simple terms products that are obtained from pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies manufacture drugs that are used to treat various diseases in humans. These are basically classified as drugs that are given with prescription of a medical practitioner and over-the-counter drugs.

Premature ejaculation cure and medicine help in improving health of people by treating their particular diseases. An extensive research process is followed before these drugs are let out into the market. Clinical testing is conducted before these drugs are used for humans. They are first tried on animals to test their safety and affectivity. Later these drugs reach patients through the prescriptions of physicians.

Microbiological culture is the technique of reproducing and cultivating microbial organisms by letting them breed in a prearranged culture media under disciplined laboratory condition. It is also known as microbial culture. Microbial cultures helped in determining the type of organism or determining the presence and abundance of the microorganism in the sample which is tested.

In a medical sense, the pharmaceutical formulation is a process in which drugs or remedial medications are produced with the combinations of different chemicals and active drugs. Formulation involves the complete process right from developing a drug to its final acceptance by the patient. Pharmaceutical Formulations include the study of some important factors like pH, particle size, solubility and polymorphism.

The orally taken drugs are available in the form of capsule or tablet, while the other types of medications forms are cream, gel, ointment, powder and paste etc. Thus we can classify these finished pharmaceutical formulations as below:

  • Tablets 
  • Capsules 
  • Injections 
  • Ointments 
  • Syrups 
  • Birth Control Device 
  • Vaccines 
Top 10 Pharma Companies in India:

Indian Pharma Industry is growing with a faster pace day by day at global level. As per records Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is the second fastest growing industry. So know about the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in India as per their latest sales revenue:

1. Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited

2. Cipla

3. Ipca Labs

4. Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

5. Lupin

6. Sun Pharma

7. Cadila Health

8. Wockhardt

9. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd

10. Jubilant Life

Types of Culture Media

It can be classified in different ways. Some of the examples of its classifications are; based on the consistency it can be divided as solid, liquid and semi-solid medium. On the other hand, based on the constituents or ingredients, it can be categorized as simple, complex, synthetic and special medium.

Dehydrated culture media contains those media with ingredients like vegetable extracts, peptones, sodium salts, agar content, and sources of carbohydrate, etc. for the media preparation and growth of micro-organisms. These can be briefly divided into Agar, Broth and Semisolid Media. These are wildly used in microbiology, research, pharmaceutical, food and dairy, waste water, veterinary, etc. they provide the environment favorable for the growth of organisms. They must be stored in a specific temperature and up to specific period of time. The expiry date and the storage conditions are mentioned on the labels.

FDA or Food and Drug Administration are the authority that decides whether the drug is fit for administering to humans or not. Pharmaceuticals are continuously under the scrutiny of the FDA. Any complaints after or during the use of the drugs are reported to the FDA and they have the authority to revoke license to sale of those drugs. They analyze the whole process of testing and packaging before issuing license for sale.

Rasyog Ayurveda has become a significant part of health care due to their humongous contribution towards betterment of sexual life. It has helped to increase life span by treating diseases that had been otherwise incurable.

Now days it is our need to have small knowledge about various medicines and medications. So let's know more about Pharmaceutical Drugs to make ourselves more aware about our health.

In India, there are many highly reputed companies that produced Microbiological Culture Media Products including antibiotics powder. These companies have been successfully supplying media products to various vital industries like food and beverage, research, agriculture and other industries. Titan Media is one of the leading companies that deal with these products which help in supporting the very survival of mankind.

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