Monday, 12 March 2018

Comparing between Laboratory Fume Hoods (Ducted and Ductless Hoods)

No doubt that fume hood is a major investment and it is better to clear you mind with the options that are actually available. There are many factors that need to be considered to make sure that hood which you select for the lab is a perfect fit for the application. It does not matter whether it is for the up front, filter maintenance or the makeup air requirements. The investment that is being made first should be cleared and the decision on whether the option that you have chosen is actually worth or not must be taken. After all, it is an investment and of course it needs to be quite worth or not.

A guest post by Naveen Kumar

Things you need to know about the Chemicals that are being used:

Now that you have made up your mind that you wish to go ahead and choose the effective option of Laboratory Fume Hoods (Ducted and Ductless Hoods), you might get confused on which is the right option. At such time, understand that your hood must be considered only when you take into account all sorts of requirements and effective features. This would make sure that the chemicals which you would be using in the hood are best suitable for the filtration. Talking about the chemicals, make it clear on which all chemicals you would be using and whether it can actually effectively get filtered or not.

How often the filters need to be replaced:

Whether you are looking for the ductless hood option or the one with the duct, you need to understand if you require filter section or not. Choosing the ductless hood option would save a lot of money when it gets heated and cooled down at the building price. Besides, there is also the replacement filter price to be considered to make sure it fits in your budget. It is your filter vendor who would be able to help you understand the right way. Besides, your filter also gets created in much better manner. To make sure the filter works with better life, you need to replace it in every 12 months.

Lab Renovation matters equally:

In case, you are planning to renovate your lab then considering between the Laboratory Fume Hoods (Ducted and Ductless Hoods) can be quite a confusing task. Your building space may now allow the HVAC alternation. That is when it is important to go ahead and choose the ductless hood. This way, it becomes quite a convenient option for you to go in the lab when there is a electrical outlet needed.

Other than this, you need to also consider whether you are planning to be a greener lab. This means, the filters that needs to be sued shall be recyclable. The best part about ducted option is it can handle the most convenient chemical applications and has the large volumes, where as in ductless fume and Laminar Flow Hoods, it is easy to install and extremely mobile option that you can choose.  In most of the hood option, you can also choose the plastic concept for which you would have to know which the right fit for the lab is.

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