Thursday, 19 April 2018

Webinar: Fungal Contamination and Pharmaceutical Products Recall

Over the past decade, the number of pharmaceutical product recalls due to fungi has increased significantly, with many different product groups affected. Data suggests a link between product contamination and the process environment. A key concern is a lack of knowledge, even among microbiologists, about identifying fungi and understanding their origins. This webinar will explain different types of fungi, risks to products, guidance on identification, and a focus on remediation measures to remove, eliminate and to prevent fungi.

In this webinar Tim Sandle will examine the risks posed by fungi to pharmaceutical products and has emphasized how this is an issue of growing importance (as seen by the extent of product recalls relating to fungal contamination). The webinar has further considered where fungi pose a risk within the manufacturing process and also to argue that recalls relating to fungal contamination can be reduced through improved cleanroom design; risk assessment; and developing greater specialism’s within quality control departments in order to be able to characterize, identify and to trace fungi. This way, the risks posed by fungi to pharmaceutical processes should receive the level of attention necessary, especially in light of the potential for certain products to become contaminated.

  • Learn about fugal risks
  • Appreciate the extent of pharmaceutical product recalls relating to fungi
  • Understand which types of medicinal products are most at risk
  • Learn about the common types of fungi associated with cleanrooms
  • Understand the main points of contamination
  • Learn about monitoring techniques
  • Learn about good disinfection practices
  • Understand other remediation activities
For details, see Online Compliance Webinar.

Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle

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