Monday, 7 May 2018

Apoptosis versus necrosis

This article examines the different characteristics between apoptosis and necrosis, two morphologically distinct manifestations of cell death. Necrosis is non-genetic and triggered by external forces, such as trauma or infection; whereas is apoptosis is a genetically programmed type of cell death. Understanding this difference is not straightforward, yet interpreting the difference is essential for medics in order to deliver the optimal treatment regime. Apoptosis rarely requires medical intervention; however, necrosis always requires medical treatment. Untreated necrosis is dangerous and can lead to death, and it is therefore of considerable medical concern.

A new medical paper of interest:

Sandle, T., Chesca, A., Akhayeva, A. S., Marchenko, A. B. (2018) Apoptosis versus necrosis, SciFed Journal of Chronic Diseases, 1 (1): 1-4

To access see: Nerosis

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