Monday, 6 August 2018

Hepatic steatosis versus normal liver in optical microscopy

A new article of interest:

The aim of the study is to present structural characteristics referring to the normal liver
comparing with structural particularities from liver at patients diagnosed with hepatic steatosis. For this purpose of the present study, were analysed microscopic aspects of hepatic structures in hepatic steatosis by comparison with normal liver. From this point of view, the study aims mainly observing the hepatocyte cords and their modifications, like lipid deposits in hepatic steatosis, and less the presentation of vascular components, which are not of major importance in hepatic steatosis compared with normal liver. Knowing the impact of hepatic steatosis on health, the present morphological study, show structural characteristics to liver diagnosed with hepatic steatosis versus structural characteristics to normal liver.
The reference is:

Chesca, A., Sandle, T. Babenko, D. and Azizov, I. (2018) Hepatic steatosis versus normal liver in optical microscopy, Annals of Romanian Society for Cell Biology Vol. XXI, Issue 3: 58 – 62

The article can be found here: Hepatic

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