Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Microorganism Confirmation and Identification with Mass Spectrometry

Microorganism confirmation and identification are critical in a number of industries, including pharma, cosmetics, and food. In the food industry, pressures from regulatory bodies and customers alike are continually tightening, making accurate, rapid microbiology testing crucial for manufacturers to make rapid decisions in regard to quality and safety, for example, to detect possible food spoilage organisms or foodborne pathogens, or monitor environmental contaminants or technological microflora.

Daniele Sohier has written an interesting artidle on MALDI_TOF, from the food microbiology perspective. Here is an extract:

In the routine laboratory, the incorporation of MS technology into the toolbox enables the laboratory to offer flexible options for turnaround time and cost to fit in with the client’s needs. This is particularly valuable as it creates a completely customizable service and provides the option of same-day results for rapid pathogen identification, for example. This was not available with previous methods. The confidence in results with the MALDI-TOF system and increased sensitivity means that fewer re-tests are required, so when an identification is provided for the first time, the client can make decisions immediately.

To view the article, see: Food Safety

Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle, Pharmaceutical Microbiology

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