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How to save time in autoclaving cycles

The normal packaging activity inside a cleanroom solicits some fundamental reflections on the times, effectiveness and safety of the operation itself:

● packaging is a time-consuming operation
● the use of medical paper involves risks related to the nature of the intrinsically weak material, which is corruptible after autoclaving, subject to breakage if wet, and with a medium-quality microbiological barrier
● the safety of the entire operation, as regards the possible release of particles and the uniformity of sterilization, is compromised

Pharmaclean® line of covers and bags for packaging, protection and sterilization solves time, efficacy and safety problems at the same time.

In this case a filling needle: the application is simple and fast, as well as the closure (without adhesive tape). In a short time, we are ready for autoclaving.

After applying the cover to the part of the tube terminal, insert the filling needle into the dedicated bag. We are ready for the sterilization phase.

The use of Pharmaclean® covers and bags makes the packaging operation and subsequent sterilization, fast, effective and safe.

● tear and puncture resistance
● easy to remove
● closure with laces, no adhesive tape
● possibility of customization
● no limit of shape or size
● low particle release
● excellent microbiological barrier
● uniform steam penetration over the entire surface
● ease in preparing the instruments
● protects against microbiological and particulate contamination during the various stages of the production process

Pharmaclean® produces standard and customized covers and bags according to the specific needs of the individual customer.

The use of Tyvek®, compared to medical paper, is a guarantee of absolute protection given the intrinsic characteristics of the material.

Manufactured with a flash spinning process, Tyvek® fabric is made of continuous and strong high-density polyethylene fibers, with intrinsic barrier properties, without requiring thin layers or additional coatings. This exceptional combination of barrier protection and breathability makes Tyvek® the ideal fabric for packaging and protection. Compared to medical papers, Tyvek® offers an optimal balance between resistance to microbial penetration, tear resistance, puncture resistance and cleanliness. And unlike paper and film for medical use, Tyvek® is compatible with all commonly used sterilization methods, including VHP.

Pharmaclean® by AM Instruments

Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle, Pharmaceutical Microbiology

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