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Why Is Fire Safety Training Important For Your Health?

Fire safety training seems like something that is just done because it’s a part of office protocol or even your home protocol, but fires are no joke and your health matters at the end of the day. Fire safety training can protect you and your health, and here, we’ll discuss why it matters, and some other elements that you may not even think about.

Guest post by Emily Bartels.

They Are Dangerous

Fires are incredibly dangerous, because they are hot, and the smoke in them can actually cause lung issues later on, including asthma and other breathing problems. they’re not just something that you overlook either, they can potentially put you and the entire office at risk. they’re more dangerous than you think, and the thing is, you want to make sure that you recognize these dangers. Fire safety training teaches you how to do this, and also how to tell when fires are occurring.  You could potentially save a life or lives by knowing the protocol, so think about that next time.

People Don’t Recognize Fire Hazards Usually

All fires begin with some source of heat mixing with a fuel, and for a fire to occur, you need to have oxygen. If you're working with anything related to heat, or even fuel, you’ll want fire safety training, because people usually don’t realize how simple it is to cause a fire.  For example, if you have a gas stove, you’re at risk for a household fire.  It’s that small, but it’s super important to understand this since it can be potentially dangerous.

You Need to Know How to Leave the Building Quickly

The reason why you need a fire safety plan and training is because you need to know how to leave a building in the event of a fire.  For example, if you're up on the fourth floor, what’s the quickest way down? what’s the alternate route in the event that you can’t use the mains stairwell? Where are the stairs? Where should you go if they’re blocked? Understanding this will help in the event that there is a fire because you can actually leave the building quickly.

In this as well, you can also identify any fire fighting gear, including a fire extinguisher, which, while it isn’t the ideal way to fight a fire, ti can shave off precious time if you have one so that you can escape. This can put your safety at the forefront, and save your life.

If you Work with Others, you Need to Know

It isn’t just the health and safety of yourself, but it’s of others too.  you’ll want to know of the best way to handle these fires, especially with other people. If you work in a hospital or nursing home for example, you’ll want to know how to get these people out of there, any risks associated with their bodies that may pose a problem, such as oxygen tanks, and how to get someone who is in a wheelchair out.  This, in turn, will help to protect others, and it will help make it much better for you as well. You can save the lives of others if you’re careful, and you’ll be able to get others out of here quickly.
Allows you to Be Proactive

With a fire safety plan, you’ll be able to become more proactive in the home or workplace. For example, you’ll want to keep the spaces cleaner, and from there, only smoke in designated areas, and always make sure everything that is flammable is kept away from work areas.  you’ll also want to perform regular maintenance on your machinery too, which is very important, and you’ll want to read the different sheets that improve the way that you handle your fire safety and any flammable equipment. It puts you more in charge, and that can help a lot.

Prevents Damages from Chemicals

One of the biggest causes of fires especially in the workplace is chemical fires. that’s because they’re not properly restored. But, with the right kind of training, you’ll be able to prevent this from getting worse and you’ll be able to, with the right fire safety training, keep everything out of the way, and make sure that these chemicals are properly stored in places where there isn’t any heat being generated to these chemicals, which can act as a fuel. This also prevents other workplace accidents too.

When it comes to fire safety training, the right tactics are so important, so make sure that you always have these in place when you’re working on fire safety training, for it can help to make a change in the overall state of your office, and in turn, you’ll be able to prevent these fires and the like from getting worse, and also allow for you to have a better, more proactive plan of action.


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