Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Skin microbiome summit showcases scientific developments for treating skin conditions

The NestlĂ© Skin Health SHIELD Skin Microbiome Summit in New York showcased the rapid research developments which have been advancing in recent years. Professor Cath O’Neil of Manchester University, a pioneer in the skin biome, who is also CEO of SkinBioTherapeutics, welcomed the scientific focus on treating the many conditions that make life miserable for patients with skin conditions.

Professor O’Neil commented “Unfortunately there are many skin products which make claims which are not scientifically proven. It is excellent when major companies sponsor these scientific forums so that we can really develop products which work.”

The skin microbiome, or the skin microbiota, is the population of bacteria that live on the skin. Over 1,000 species of bacteria have been identified, as well as viruses, funghi, and even mites. Research into the skin microbiome is about 20 years behind research on the gut microbiome, but there is evidence that certain bacteria can help stop pathogenic bacteria growing and causing infections on the skin.

While there have been significant advances in the scientific understanding of the microbiota living on and in our skin, the most exciting research now being conducted focuses on how altering the composition of the skin microbiome could lead to improvements in skin health and even treatments for serious diseases.

SkinBioTherapeutics is at the forefront of this exciting research with its work using ‘lysates’, or extracts, of particular probiotic bacteria to deliver targeted health benefits. The lysates which have been shown to increase the skins barrier integrity; protect the skin from infection by outcompeting harmful pathogens; and increase the rate of skin healing in response to injury.

The target treatment areas for SkinBioTherapeutics are cosmetics, reducing the incidence of eczema flares, and infection prevention. Recently released human study data shows that SkinBioTherapeutics’ therapy is safe and well tolerated, and that it showed a statistically significant increase in skin hydration.

Watch a video of the Nestlé Skin Health SHIELD Skin Microbiome Summit here.

About SkinBioTherapeutics plc

SkinBioTherapeutics is a life science company focused on skin health. The Company’s proprietary platform technology, SkinBiotix®, is based upon discoveries made by Dr. Catherine O’Neill and Professor Andrew McBain.

SkinBioTherapeutics’ platform applies research discoveries made on the activities of lysates derived from probiotic bacteria when applied to the skin. The Company has shown that the SkinBiotix® platform can improve the barrier effect of skin models, protect skin models from infection and repair skin models. Proof of principle studies have shown that the SkinBiotix® platform has beneficial attributes applicable to each of these areas.

SkinBioTherapeutics received seed funding from the Tech Transfer office of the University of Manchester for the discovery of SkinBiotix®. The platform was subsequently spun out of the University of Manchester in March 2016 and was funded by OptiBiotix (AIM: OPTI).

The Company joined AIM in April 2017, concurrent with raising £4.5 million from a placing of new ordinary shares.

The Company is based in Manchester, UK. For more information, visit
Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle, Pharmaceutical Microbiology

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