Thursday, 29 August 2019

Contamination control white paper

Microbiology in action!

Effective contamination control requires high-quality cleaning equipment and specialized techniques. It does not matter how effective a cleaning agent is if the cleaning technique utilized by a cleanroom operator is poor. Today’s critical cleaning professionals recommend the use of multi-bucket mopping systems for maximum efficiency and removal of contaminants.

Deciding which cleaning method is best for guaranteed compliance with today’s cleanroom standards is a challenging process. To overcome this, we’ve illustrated practical cleaning and disinfecting techniques to assist in your decision of the appropriate method to utilize for overall cleanliness and absolute contamination control.

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As a leading innovator of cleaning technologies, Perfex brings more than 90 years of experience and expertise in cleanroom cleaning tools and development to the pharmaceutical manufacturing market.

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Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle, Pharmaceutical Microbiology

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