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Some Useful Tips to Open PCD Franchise Company

India carefully monitors their healthcare services, so opening a pharma company in India can be a good business idea. In this guide, we will explain how to open a monopoly pharma franchise company in India. Find out the requirements, read the tips for choosing a place to place a new business and consult the list of the best franchises currently operating in India.

A guest post by Satvir Singh

Open a PCD pharma franchise in India:

In addition to selling over-the-counter drugs, you can sell health and beauty products, such as cosmetics, baby products, and food for specific needs, such as celiac disease, diabetics or low-calorie products, and most veterinary drugs.

Do I need to have a pharmaceutical education to open a pharmacy in India? This may surprise you, but the answer is no. Having 3-5 years of working experience in the pharma sector is enough. But if you do not have an education, you will definitely need to hire a qualified pharmacist to sell medicines. This means that the owner of the company can be anyone, but in this case he will have to consider the need for constant cooperation with one or more certified pharmacists.

The presence of a pharmacist is not the only requirement required to open a pharmacy.

Requirements for opening a pharmacy in India

As we explained several paragraphs above, even if you do not need to have a pharmacist diploma to open a pharmacy, there are other requirements and procedures that must be followed. For example, you need to get a ISO, GMP and WHO certificates if you decide to sell pharma product and supplements, even if they are packaged.

As for opening a pharmacy, you also need:

Request registration of a pharmacy at the Ministry of Health & FSSAI
Make a message about starting a business in the municipality

Register with the Chamber of Commerce.

The second and third points are not different from the procedure for opening any other business. Registration of activities in the Ministry of Health is the only way to organize the subsequent delivery of drugs to the warehouse of the outlet. In fact, after checking the submitted documentation, the pharmacy will be assigned the code necessary for the purchase of medicines. In addition, after obtaining permission from the Ministry of Health, the company will be registered in the database of authorized pharmacies and pharmacies and, therefore, can sell its products even through the Internet.

How to choose a place for the pharmacy: a few tips?

Some franchise requires certain functions from the premises in which the franchisee’s pharmacy will be opened. However, regardless of this, keep in mind that it is always recommended to open a company in areas with a large inflow of people, in any case, in urban centers, at least medium-sized.
Always make sure that there are no other suppliers in the immediate locality, and in any case carefully consider whether a potential clientele, based on the population of the area, can be sufficient for a new point of sale.

As for the size of the place, an average / large area is always recommended. Keep in mind that you definitely need a medium size store room. You can take assistance from the top PCD pharma franchise company listed on PharmafranchiseeIndia . Our experts are always there to help you out and clear your doubts and answer your questions 24/7.

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