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Is Pharma Ready For Serialization? The Answer Lies In Digital Technology

New legislation requiring pharmaceutical companies to implement 'serialization' is now coming into force. This means that no counterfeit product should enter the supply chain and no legitimate product is diverted from its intended destination. To work effectively, serialization requires a comprehensive system to track and trace the passage of prescription drugs through the entire supply chain. The application of track and trace principles can help to avoid counterfeit medicines from entering the supply chain. To be effective, digital technologies such as blockchain and RFID-enabled tag and trace systems need to be embraced.

In relation to this important topic, Tim Sandle has written a new article:
Sandle, T. (2019) Is Pharma Ready For Serialization? The Answer Lies In Digital Technology, BioPharma Trend, November 2019 at: (accessed 20th November 2019)

Here is an extract:

For pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet the requirements of serialization, this involves careful planning and considerable cost. To achieve serialization, every drug product pack needs to be uniquely identified with digital information - a machine-readable code, and for the product to be registered in an external database to permit each individual item to be traceable. Two technologies are helping pharmaceutical companies with serialization requirements: tag technology and blockchain.

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