Sunday, 1 December 2019

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Resources is 10 years old

Today marks an anniversary of sorts. This website - Pharmaceutical Microbiology Resources - is ten years old, and with over 3 million reads.

I began blogging and posting interesting research and my own thoughts on all things pharmaceutical microbiology (with the odd general science story or healthcare related snippet thrown in for good measure) due to a general lack of information. My biggest frustration was not finding out about new standards or publications of interest.

Over the past ten years, pharmaceutical microbiology has grown strongly and it continues to evolve into a respected and knowledgeable profession, distinct from other types of microbiology.

The evolution of pharmaceutical microbiology, outside the narrow of some academic interpretations (where the focus was often only on sterilization or antimicrobial efficacy) was driven by the voluminous and insightful work of Scott Sutton and those other pioneers who put together the Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum in the U.S. and those other innovators who came up with the idea of Pharmig in the U.K. (which was driven by the energies of Poly Hajipieris) and continued with equal energy and commitment by Maxine Moorey and committee.

Over the years a number of individuals have made a significant contribution (based on those I've cited most often in my own writings) - Tony Cundell, Jeanne Moldenhauer, Luis Jimenez, Ed Tidswell, Ziva Abraham, Karen McCullough, Jim Agalloco, Jim Ackers, Nigel Halls, Michael Miller - and there are, of course, many others.

Promotion of pharmaceutical microbiology is evident with the PDA and PHSS and their journals, plus magazines like American Pharmaceutical Review, European Pharmaceutical Review and Cleanroom Technology.

For more in-depth analysis, Davis Healthcare International - operated by the pioneering Amy Davis - has issued a number of titles relating to pharmaceutical microbiology and related areas. I'm proud to have contributed to several DHI publications.

I'm aiming to continue with this site for a few more years and I welcome any contributions, industry news, links to articles of interest and so on.

Thank you for your support over the past decade.


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