Thursday, 20 February 2020

Anticipating zoonotic virus outbreaks

The EU and Israeli Government (The Israeli Institute of Biological Research (IIBR))anticipated such Zoonotic Virus outbreaks and what they and we at Dyadic are doing to be better prepared for such pandemic and epidemics when they occur.

European Union Zoonotic Anticipation And Preparedness Initiative (ZAPI) Project,

The Problem Being Addressed:

Many infectious diseases, including influenza and Ebola, can be transmitted to humans from animals (and vice-versa). Known as zoonoses, these diseases represent a serious threat to both human and animal health.

The Solution Being Developed:

ZAPI brings together experts in human and animal health to create new platforms and technologies that will facilitate a fast, coordinated, and practical response to new infectious diseases as soon as they emerge.

Successful Developments

C1: How the C1 platform will change the production approach for recombinant vaccines

Expansion of ZAPI Program

Dyadic International, Inc. (Nasdaq:DYAI) received positive preliminary results from the ZAPI animal studies and expanded its research collaboration with ZAPI to express two additional proteins.

The C1 expressed ZAPI antigen was produced at 17 times the initial targeted expression level (1780 mg/l) and 35 times higher than the second-place cell line (insect cells/baculovirus) which failed to meet the ZAPI minimum required productivity level.

Animal studies with the C1 produced ZAPI antigen indicated that Dyadic\s C1 antigen demonstrated very strong performance in protecting both cattle and mice from the Schmallenberg virus (SBV).

As a result, ZAPI expanded the scope of Dyadic\s involvement in the program and Dyadic expects to receive additional funding from the ZAPI consortium in support of production of the two additional targets.

In addition to ZAPI Dyadic has collaborations with two of the top four animal health companies.

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