Friday, 27 March 2020

Gut Microbiome Samples Head for Space

Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists Armand Dichosa and Anand Kumar have sent samples of the human gut microbiome into space tonight, part of a project with NASA, DTRA and Rhodium Scientific.

On its 11:50 p.m. March 6 launch, SpaceX-20 they carried these samples to the International Space Station National Laboratory where they will be allowed to grow in order to understand the effect microgravity has on the microbial community. The samples have been carefully prepared at Los Alamos so that for each sample there is a complementary sample staying here on Earth.

Genomics Investigation of Human Gut Microbiome to Determine Effects of Microgravity Exposures (Rhodium Space Microbiome) examines the effects of spaceflight on the human gut microbiome, a complex community of numerous bacterial species. Developing a better understanding shifts in microbiome diversity and function and how they affect human health and performance may help protect people on future missions. Recent studies have shown a connection between alterations in the structure and function of the gut microbiome and multiple chronic and acute diseases.
Upon return, both sets of samples will be sequenced and analyzed to identify genetic changes that might occur to the bacterial communities, and to understand the potential implications these changes may have to human health in microgravity.

NASA has a video of the live-stream the March 6 launch at 11:50 p.m. Eastern Time

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  1. Thanks for the article! Rhodium Space Microbiome had a successful operation on the ISS a couple weeks ago and is scheduled to return to Earth on SpaceX-20 #SpX20 today. Follow Rhodium Scientific, LLC for more project updates. We are also looking for more pharmaceutical projects to fly to the #ISS. Contact our CSO Dr. Mills at for more details. #SpaceMicrobiome #BusinessOfScience


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