Sunday 15 January 2012

Clean Room Technology

Advances in cleanroom technologies
In collaboration with Madhu Raju Saghee, the India based GMP expert, we have written an exciting new article examining the more recent advances in cleanroom technologies. The article is published on-line for 'Express Pharma', the journal for pharmaceutical professionals (Home Page).

The introduction to the article reads:

There have been a number of advances in new cleanroom technologies, which have helped to both reduce the risk of contamination and to streamline process operations. The majority of these technological developments have been orientated towards the manufacturing of sterile products, particularly aseptically filled products. Tim Sandle, Head of Microbiology, Bio Products Laboratory, UK and Madhu Raju Saghee, Corporate Quality Assurance, Gland Pharma review some of the more significant advances in cleanroom technology.

In the article we examine clean-air devices, isolation technology, RABS, weighing stations, clothing, disposable single use technology, aseptic connections, filling machines and more.

To read the article go toAdvanced cleanroom technology

We would welcome your comments. Please also let us know if you would like us to contribute any articles or technical papers.

Paper reference:

Sandle, T. and Saghee, M.R. (2010): Advances in cleanroom technologies, Express Pharma16th-30th September.

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