Sunday 4 September 2016

Want to study pharmaceutical microbiology?

Want to study pharmaceutical microbiology for a certificate, diploma of Master’s degree? The University of Manchester (U.K.) runs a distance learning program. The course(s) are available to any person, who meets the academic criteria, around the world.

The course can be taken as individual modules, or a series of modules to gain a certificate or diploma. Alternatively the course can be completed to gain a Master of Science degree.

Each module requires 150 hours study and is assessed by assignment and examination. Exams can be sat in accredited institutions in your own country of at the University of Manchester.

Each module is supported by a tutor, and there is an optional summer school. The modules are:

PHAR71300 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Technology;
PHAR71310 Water Aspects;
PHAR71320 Microbiological Environmental Monitoring & Control (sterile & non-sterile manufacturing areas);
PHAR71330 Sterile Pharmaceutical Manufacturing;
PHAR71340 Quality Assurance in Microbiology Laboratories;
PHAR71350 Engineering Principles for Pharmaceutical Microbiologists;
PHAR71360 Application of Microbiology in Biopharmaceuticals;
PHAR71370 Antimicrobials

In addition, modules from the university’s pharmacy program can be taken.

For further details, see the University of Manchester here.

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