Monday 20 October 2014

Exploring pulmonary pathology

The test of the pulmonary function represents an auxiliary method for the specialty medical examination the patient to determine if there are signs and symptoms relevant to a pulmonary pathology. This is the basis of a new article by Antonella Chesca and Tim Sandle.

The abstract runs:

“This study evaluates the respiratory parameters associated with pulmonary diseases. The study was centred on a comparative evaluation of the pulmonary function during the same two periods of two different years: January - February 2013 and January – February 2014. The data was analysed and comparison was undertaken between the severity of the pulmonary diseases symptoms requiring spirometries, during the cold season in two succeeding years. The study applied to symptomatic patients suffering from COPD or asthma who were referred to the Specialty Outpatient Department of the Pneumophthisiology Hospital of Brasov. To determine the diagnosis and to apply the appropriate medication, the study examined the function tests by spirometry for each of the patients in the study group. As applicable, spirometry was carried out by tests using salbutamol, according to the orders of the specialty doctor. The analysis of the study data enabled the creation of the profile of the symptomatic patients.”

The reference is:

Chesca, A. and Sandle, T. (2014) Data on the examination of functions in pulmonary disease, Acta Medica Transilvanica, 2 (3): 208 – 210

For a copy, please contact Tim Sandle

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