Tuesday 10 February 2015

Pharmacopeial Forum 40 (6)

The USP Pharmacopeial Forum has a new update. This is Volume 40, No.6. Of interest in the new issue is:

General Chapter                                       

Chapter 790   Visible Particulates in injections (Revision proposal target, USP39-NF34)

The chapter has been edited to clarify intent, which is the need to control and have acceptance criteria for extraneous particles, even for drug products that contain inherent particles.

Chapter 851   Spectrophotometry and Light Scattering (Revision proposal target, USP39-NF34)

This general chapter is being replaced by a new series of chapters. The new chapters are:

Chapter 852 Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Chapter 853 Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Chapter 854 Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy
Chapter 855 Nephelometry, Turbidimetry, and Visual Comparison
Chapter 857 Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy

Chapter 855 Nephelometry, Turbidimetry, and Visual Comparison [NEW] (Revision proposal target, USP39-NF34)

A replacement chapter for <851>Spectrophotometry and Light Scattering. The majority of text in this new chapter is the same as <851>.

Chapter 1251 Weighing On An Analytical Balance (Revision proposal target, USP39-NF34)

Additional changes are being introduced in order to align with recent modifications introduced in Chapter 41 Balances.

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