Tuesday 14 June 2016

Medicine Meets The Microbiome

The moment a baby enters the world – even before its first breath – the tiny body receives a massive infusion of bacteria, viruses and fungi. For thousands of years, exposure to these microbes has heralded our departure from the largely sterile environment of the womb into the real world – and all its messy complexity. No longer alone in our own bodies, we travel through life with trillions of microscopic companions. But our invisible legions aren’t simply hangers-on; studies on the body’s ecosystem have revealed the key role that the microbiome plays in health and disease. And by treating the microbiome as an extension of the human genome, we gain thousands of new targets for therapeutic intervention.

To read more about this emerging area of Microbiology, see an article by Karim Dabbagh in The Translational Scientist.


Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle

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