Wednesday 22 March 2017

10 Healthy Eating Tips for the Student

College students must know how to maintain their body healthily and strong. Their food diet should be well-planned, and they should take their food in time. Eating is compulsory for all of us. But for students, it is more than necessary. They must choose healthy foods for their mental health as well as their physical health. There are 10 Healthy Eating Tips for Student.

Guest post by Anthony J Maldonado

1- Never skip breakfast

Breakfasts are necessary to make your day awesome. It indeed helps in the study too. If you take breakfast, you will have a healthy mood. If you miss it somehow, take it whenever you have time. It assists you to focus on your study. It kicks starts your metabolism. Your metabolism will start slow if you miss your breakfast. You’ll feel a lot hungry and might get enticed to eat a larger meal. In short, your metabolism will get affected.
2- Take snacks at regular intervals

Take easy snacks when you study. In every 3 hours, take light foods. Don’t skip your meals because it hampers your body weight by making you obese or overweight. You can take apples, bananas, applesauce, etc. as easy snacks.

3- Maintain your class schedules

As a student, you must know how to manage your class schedules. You need to find out when your English tuition and where you should have to go for private tuition. In this way, you can routine your diet also. You can plan what to eat and what to not.

4- Avoid empty calories

Students often hang out with friends. They get tempted to junk foods. Try avoiding empty calories as it is harmful to your health. They contain high calories but little nutrition. Foods such as cakes, cookies, pastries, donuts, fat cheese, bacon, sausages, ice creams, etc. are less useful for human body.

5- Drink lots of water

Every day take at least 2litres of water. It aids your health a lot. It helps to manage your body fluids as your body is composed of about 60% of water. It controls calories and energizes body muscles also. It helps your kidney because if you take little water, you’ll be at high risk for a kidney stone. It removes toxins and promotes weight-loss.

6- Physical Exercise

Every day do physical exercise to build yourself fit and healthy. Schedule your time for physical exercise. It burns your calories and makes your body strong and stout. It combats health conditions and diseases. It also helps you to have a better sleep. When you’re at the college, try visiting the gym center. There you can try attending light body work to keep your body smooth. Every day if you continue to do so, you’ll have a sizzling healthy body. Physical exercise such as swimming, cricket, running, etc. can be useful to you too.

7. Have a sensible diet

Diet is a significant part of your health. Try maintaining it correctly. Include omelet’s, casseroles, soups, pasta, lentils and rice in your food plan. Try fresh herbs and spices in your meals. A healthy eating habit is behind the success of a healthy body. A sensible diet should contain protein, fats, carbohydrates and fiber so that the body can be maintained smoothly. Overall, the balance of food is vital to keep your body fit and active.

8. Maintain hygiene

Keep your kitchen and kitchenware clean. Always wash hands before you prepare food. It does not allow the other person to get the germs from you. Maintain hygiene in the fridge as well. Make sure to have your fridge temperature below 5C.Hygiene is vital in social life too. Lack of hygiene is a sign of offensive behavior and illness.

9.  Do food-shopping

Never buy food from one shop only. Try observing the market a lot to know the real price. It will allow you to know what to buy and from where to buy. You will also get an idea on how much you cost for food. In this way, you can limit your expenses and focus on your health too.

10. Look for available cafeteria

Be like a nutritionist. Look for open cafeteria around your area where you can have healthy food. You can change your taste in cheap rate. You can spend quality time too with your friends at the cafeteria.


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