Saturday 3 June 2017

Ozonated water

Ozonated water systems are available in handwashing sinks, mobile portable ozonated water generators, and in-line skid systems. Some of the portable ozonated water units have been used to clean walls, tanks, filling lines, floors, and the actual solution or powder processing line. Some companies have found cost savings by using this technology in place of other sporicidal cleaners due to the reduced cost, no residues, and no corrosiveness. Additionally, the only ongoing cost for the ozonated water system is replacement of a few items as part of the yearly maintenance, and the use of purified water to operate the system.

This is an extract from a new article by Jeanne Moldenhaurer for Controlled Environments. In the article Jeanne calls on a new paradigm for cleaning and disinfection, pointing out that cleaning and disinfection technologies have advanced ahead of the practices adopted by the pharmaceutical sector and that to safeguard predicts and environments account needs to be taken of what is currently available.

The article can be accessed here: CE

Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle

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