Thursday 28 September 2017

Bacteria busting detergent


There seems to be no shortage of ways to stay fresh and clean these days—in recent news, everything from MIT biofabrics that leverage living bacteria, to T-shirts made from coffee beans, are claiming to answer the ever-growing problem for workout warriors everywhere- Why Do My Gym Clothes Still Stink Even After I Wash Them?

But what if there was a simple solution that didn’t involve buying expensive, high tech clothing, and was as easy as getting back to basics? We’re referring of course, to your choice of detergent.

HEX Advanced Performance Detergent, founded by a professional lacrosse player Drew Westervelt, targets a big challenge for traditional household legacy detergent brands- today, over 60% of clothing contains synthetic fibers (including and especially athleisure). Mainstream detergents simply weren’t designed to properly clean synthetic fibers- they were created at a time when most clothes were made from cotton.

The result: bacteria from your sweat never fully goes away, even after washing. So it continues to pick up odor over time, and before you know it your $100 pair of Lululemon leggings is ruined!
Case in point: in a test conducted by the International Antimicrobial Council, Lululemon yoga pants were sent to be laundered with 187,000 bacteria on them. After five washes with traditional detergent, they came out of the dryer with a whopping 747,000 bacteria!

And the problem doesn’t just apply to gym clothes. Anything that isn’t cotton is at risk for not being properly washed by traditional brands, meaning you’re literally wasting hundreds of dollars a year (and possibly thousands when you factor in the cost of your clothes) by choosing the wrong detergent.

Hex Performance is sold in over 4,000 stores nationwide, at major retailers like Target, and is available on Amazon.

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