Tuesday 27 March 2018

Benefits of Laboratory Glove Boxes with Gas Purging Option

At the time of experimenting in the laboratory, you may never know what would happen next. However, the fact is with the help of Laboratory Glove Boxes with Gas Purging Option, you can actually control the atmosphere glove boxes. It is known by many names. Some knows it by the name of inert atmosphere glove box, dry box, nitrogen box, and even the anaerobic box to name a few. For such type of box to function in the most convenient manner, there is an internal atmosphere which is first removed. It is then well replaced with the purified inert gas which is more commonly either argon or nitrogen.

A guest post by Naveen Kumar 

Understanding the operation of the Box:

The prime role of the Laboratory Glove Boxes with Gas Purging Option is to make sure you actually safeguard yourself from the harmful atmosphere that is likely to happen in the changing environment at the time of experimenting. This type of gas is based on the refill operation and gas removal process. The moisture level and oxygen level gets reduced to around 1% and is done either with the solution or through the displacement. If it is not used with the automatic purge control system then there is a requirement of the inert gas which is needed for better safety. With such box, the atmospheric pressure systematic position and the regulation of the same get introduced to the chamber through the internal ambient and inlet atmosphere.

Know the benefits of Inert Atmosphere Glove Boxes

The best part about Laboratory Glove Boxes with Gas Purging Option is the use of argon and nitrogen that would lessen down the concentration of the oxygen within the equipment that would reduce the effects of the oxidation. Such type of gas is mostly used because of the huge abundance and relatively less cost. It is most probably used for preventing the unwanted chemicals reaction such as hydrolysis and oxidation. This way the degrading process becomes a lot simpler. Besides, the reason such gloves is used is because of the inert gasses which gets naturally dried out and does not hold any kind of mistier.

Things you must not ignore:

Such type of Desiccator Box is usually kept under the high pressure which is then well with the surrounding air. This way the blocking of the ambient room is done along with the contamination blockage. Other alternative options do exist such as PVC, Acrylic and even the polycarbonate which is quite in demand. The air that usually passes through the membrane is then allows to absorb the moisture from the chamber’s outside and then pass it inside.

Laboratory Glove Boxes with Gas Purging Option is something that makes sure there is a regular pressure of course in a positive manner to make sure the contamination blockage is done while the moisture inflow is initiated. Besides, it also activates the high flow purge in response to the pressure that gets dropped to make sure it becomes effective and fast while the air lock gets opened up. It also works as the guard again the protection damage.

Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle

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