Sunday 3 July 2022

Microbiology meets AI: Pushing the boundaries of pharmaceutical science


Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming an important component of microbiology within the pharmaceutical field. Researchers, microbiologists, laboratorians, and diagnosticians are interested in artificial intelligence based testing and analysis. This is for a variety of reasons, connected to drug analysis, pinpointing microbial weaknesses, improving the turnaround time, quality, and costs of testing, and so on. In addition, artificial intelligence has aided the prediction of drug targets, diagnosing microorganisms causing infectious diseases, classifying drug resistance against antimicrobial medicines, predicting disease outbreaks and exploring microbial interactions. Perhaps of greatest significance is where researchers are using machine learning algorithms for optimization of the best treatment indications for developing new medicines and as information sources to monitor and document the quality and impact of pharmaceuticals interventions.


This review article looks at some recent applications of artificial intelligence, taking place in 2021, within microbiology and as applied to pharmaceuticals. 



Sandle, T. (2021) Microbiology meets AI: Pushing the boundaries of pharmaceutical science, Pharma Machines & Technology, 16 (5): 24 -23 at:

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