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Technology Landscape Analysis by IEBS to help clients gain a competitive advantage


Conducting an in-depth analysis, such as a Technology Landscape analysis, before stepping into a market significantly increases the chances of success. The technology landscape provides a comprehensive assessment to recognize and assess the overall trend of relevant technologies across adjacent domains.

Written by Nitin Jindal.

Along with geopolitics, emerging technology trends also come into play for redefining the future of any industry. Long-term planning seems quite challenging for enterprises, particularly in the current era, where technology trends become outdated within years. Thus, to combat this challenging situation, the technology landscape process thoroughly identifies all the emerging technologies appertaining to a company’s long-term innovation goals. The study also delivers key insights into regulatory norms and compliances relevant to technology, along with the ways to commercialize it.

An organization can make the best decisions possible in pursuing emerging technologies, new markets, and new manufacturing strategies through the insights derived from Technology Landscape analysis.

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Primary Outcome of Technology Landscape Service

·         Technology Landscape can Impact Strategic-Decision Making

Technology Landscaping helps streamline complex business issues related to technology readiness, market fit & maturity requirements, and comparative analysis for technology, product, and regulatory frameworks.

Through this vital information, an organization’s intelligence team can prioritize key focus areas and recommend investing in appropriate technology and capital to meet the current demands and business goals.

Companies can reinforce their strategic decision-making ability by utilizing the insights derived through: -

o   Segregating various technology domains based on the actionable priorities

o   Assessing the emerging technologies relevant to existing products or market domains.

o   Facilitating an enterprise in comprehending the repercussions of emerging technology

o   Correlating diversified technology domains

What is the need to perform Technology Landscaping?

·         To improve performance, seek novel concepts, approaches, or technologies from the related fields and sectors.

·         To evaluate the potential technology investments and identify the path that offers the best returns in the long term.

·         To review highly complex & competitive technology and regulatory factors

·         To determine alternative approaches for addressing an issue, especially during the volatile market landscape.

Key benefits of Technology Landscaping

Technology landscape analysis delivers relevant information based on the domain of a firm/ business/ individual. The technology landscape can help unleash technological dominance by offering a distinct competitive advantage for the company.

Some of the advantages of conducting this study to help an organization reach a competitive edge across its domain are: -

  • Identify disruptive technologies:

This analysis enables businesses to recognize their key performance indicators based on which the futuristic impact of any technology and its associated developments can be determined precisely.

  • Competitive benchmarking:

It emphasizes the extent of technology dispersion across a domain, from start-ups to industry behemoths.

  • Forecast trends:

By employing the technology landscape, technological and economic deviations can be accurately tracked, forecasted, and assessed based on the relevance of an enterprise.

  • Open new markets:

Through this analysis, the impact of novel technology trends on adjacent potential market domains can be evaluated.

  • Attain a competitive advantage:

This analysis provides an opportunity to lead the specific industry by tracking the competitors’ R&D investments in novel technology/ strategy/ product.

About Ingenious e-Brain Solutions: -

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions is a boutique research organization geared towards offering exclusive, tailored, and cost-effective solutions related to business & innovation management. We are an ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 27001:2013 certified company launched in 2012. We deliver services, ranging from ideation to commercialization, to facilitate clients transform their business models by providing them with holistic solutions around Intellectual Property, Technology, and Business Intelligence. We assist and provide relevant strategies to our clients & customers when it comes to innovating, filing, adopting, licensing, acquiring, and commercializing any product/ technology/ service. Exploring the end-use markets with high growth potential, account management for customers based on future trends, designing innovative strategies for application-centric product differentiation, and managing the competition across different business segments are some of the key fortes of the organization.

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions has invested in building an exceptionally talented team of professionals who keep our clients abreast with the industry trends. IEBS experts develop a rich experience and are trained to acquire deep interdisciplinary knowledge across various domains. They provide pragmatic solutions by offering key insights related to industry dynamics, business trends, technological adoption & approval, and public opinions.

Ingenious e-Brain help meet your current and upcoming business & IP requirements. So far, several Fortune 500 companies, R&D organizations, manufacturers, innovators, stakeholders, and leading law firms have attained lucrative growth using our novel services.

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