Monday 8 May 2023

How to Prevent Theft in Your Pharmacy


Pharmacies are an essential part of the healthcare system. They play a vital role in providing prescription medications and medical advice to the public. However, pharmacies are also a prime target for thieves who are after prescription drugs. Not only is theft is a big threat to your business, but it also puts your patients' health at risk. This blog will share tips on how to prevent theft in your pharmacy.


By Lizzie Weakley


Keep an Eye on Suspicious Behavior

One of the best ways to prevent theft is to be alert at all times. Always keep an eye on suspicious behavior and people. Train your staff to look out for unusual actions such as customers lingering around the pharmacy for long periods without purchasing anything or trying to access restricted areas. Ensure that you install a high-quality security camera system and have staff members monitor the cameras. This will deter those with malicious intent from stealing from your pharmacy.


Train Your Staff

Thieves can easily spot a vulnerable employee. One way to prevent theft is to train your staff on how to identify and respond to suspicious behavior. Train your staff to check IDs when there’s a prescription for a controlled substance, to ensure that the patient is the person who has a legitimate right to receive the medication. Another training approach is to teach your staff simple techniques like asking to see a customer’s bag at the checkout. This simple act of asking can deter thieves and make them rethink their decision of stealing from your pharmacy.


Keep Narcotics Secure

Narcotics are some of the most targeted pharmaceuticals in the market; they are one of the primary objectives for most pharmacy thefts. As a result, it's essential to store narcotics securely. Consider investing in a lockable narcotic cabinet as this is specifically designed to store controlled substances securely. A lockable cabinet is one of the most effective measures you can take to prevent illegal access to your narcotics inventory.


Ensure Proper Inventory Procedures

Inventory management is a critical aspect of your pharmacy's security. For instance, ensure that you conduct frequent inventory audits and maintain accurate records of stock levels. Tight inventory procedures will enable you to identify any discrepancies or theft operations. In addition, inspect your inbound and outbound drug shipments to confirm that they match the quantities listed on delivery documentation.


Secure Your Pharmacy Environment

Consider elements like windows, doors locks, alarms, and lighting as aspects of pharmacy security as these features contribute to your pharmacy’s overall safety. Ensure that your pharmacy has sturdy doors and windows with blinds to deter those with malicious intent. Install an alarm system that sounds audible alerts to deter intruders. Use bright lighting, both inside and outside your pharmacy to deter suspicious activities.


Pharmacy thefts can be disheartening, as they contribute to losses that result in decreased profits, and the health of your patients can be compromised. But with the right security measures, you can protect your pharmacy from theft. Train your employees, secure the narcotics, conduct frequent inventory audits, and secure your pharmacy environment. Lockable narcotic cabinets are one of the most efficient methods that can prevent illegal access to controlled substances. Invest in quality security cameras and alarm systems to supplement the security measures discussed in this post, and you will prevent theft.


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