Monday 15 April 2024

Strategizing New Product Development in the Personal Care 4.0 Era

As we navigate a period centered on self-care and sustainable practices, businesses must confront the challenges of keeping pace with the evolving industry trends, staying informed about the regulatory changes across different geographies, and thoroughly considering swiftly changing technologies & consumer preferences, especially while developing and launching cosmetic products in the market. For this, choosing the right approach/ strategy is imperative.


By Nitin Jindal

Ingenious e-Brain, with its bespoke consulting services, has come up with a revolutionary model, “Personal Care 4.0,” dedicated to directing firms in the cosmetics sector. The innovative model is competent to support you in launching a cosmetic/personal care product that stands out, helping your enterprise gain a leading edge.

We understand the domain from each angle required for a successful product launch. Therefore, based on our industry knowledge & expertise, we’ve been supporting the industry leaders & SMEs in strategizing new product development in the personal care sector…. BUT HOW?


Capabilities of the Model


Through our Personal Care 4.0 model, Clients can gather critical insights and decisive information to help them determine or assess:

·         Evolving technology shift

·         Shifting customer requirements

·         Strategic compwtitors’ activities – Competitive Leaderboard, emerging competitors from adjacent groups or non-peer groups

·         Circular economy – upcycled Ingredients

·         Prior safety/ efficacy/ patient/ clinical studies

·         Exploring technology transfer opportunity

·         New emerging market opportunities


These elements collectively dictate the strategic direction and success of new personal care products in the competitive market landscape. And with all these inputs, we’ll present you the areas for incremental and disruptive innovations along with answering the following questions:


Decode key business queries by employing Personal Care 4.0 model

·         What do consumers expect?

·         What increases consumer and dermatologist satisfaction?

·         What should be the marketing/ labelling claims?

·         How can companies differentiate themselves?

·         What are the best investment opportunities right now?

·         Whom to partner with?

·         What can be the serviceable obtainable market?


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