Tuesday 11 February 2014

Innovations in Cleanroom Technology

Cleanrooms provide critical support for the production of life saving products and components (pharmaceutical preparations and medical devices), lifesaving operations (surgical units) are part of the fabric of modern industrial production (electronics manufacture). Given this central role, the modern conception of the 'cleanroom', with specially filtered air, set pressure differentials, appropriate airflows, gowned staff and with the application of disinfectants, is a development of the 1950s (although aspects of 'clean air' date back much further as the second chapter of this book explains). From the 1960s conception cleanrooms have evolved in terms of improvements to the control of the physical environment, to minimising contamination risks from operators through the use of barrier technology, and more recent use of single-use systems (biodisposable technologies).

In relation to this, Tim Sandle has undertaken a review of innovations in cleanroom technology for the magazine Pharma Times. The reference is:

Sandle, T. (2013). Innovations in Cleanroom Technology, Pharma Times, 45 (12): 14-15

To request a copy, please contact Tim Sandle.

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