Sunday 2 February 2014

Safety checklist for laboratory users

Here is a useful check-list for those working in a laboratory:

1. Do you wash your hands before leaving the laboratory?
2. Do you wear appropriate attire in the laboratory (lab coat, safety goggles, gloves, shoes)?
3. Are the appropriate hazard signs and emergency numbers posted on the outside of the laboratory door?
4. Are all containers in your lab properly labeled? Do you know how to interpret these labels?
5. Do you know where to find Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) for all chemicals used in your laboratory?
6. Are the chemicals in your lab properly stored?
7. Have you been instructed in the proper use and handling of the chemicals in your laboratory?
8. Have you been instructed in the location and use of safety devices (safety showers, eye washes, laboratory hoods, etc.) in your laboratory?
9. Are you aware of emergency procedures in the event of a chemical exposure, spill, fire or explosion?
10. Do you know how to properly segregate and dispose of chemicals you will use?
11. Are all mechanical engineering controls (e.g., fume hoods) operating properly?
12. Do you know who to notify if working in a laboratory alone after normal hours?
13. Have you attended Chemical Hygiene Plan training provided by DES?
14. Have you attended laboratory specific training provided by your Laboratory Supervisor?
15. Do you know where your laboratory Standard Operating Procedures
(SOP) are stored and how to use them?
16. Are you familiar with the protocol you are following? Do you feel comfortable performing the procedure without additional information or demonstration?

Source: UMD Safety Guide

Posted by Tim Sandle

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