Monday 25 January 2016

ISO 16075-1 - new wastewater standard

A new standard for wastewater has recently been issued - ISO 16075-1:2015 Guidelines for treated wastewater use for irrigation projects -- Part 1: The basis of a reuse project for irrigation.

The standard covers:

ISO 16075-1:2015 contains guidelines for the development and the execution of projects intending to use treated wastewater (TWW) for irrigation and considers the parameters of climate and soil.
The purpose of these guidelines is to provide specifications for all elements of a project using TWW for irrigation, including design, materials, construction, and performance, when used for the following:
  • unrestricted irrigation of agricultural crops;
  • restricted irrigation of agricultural crops;
  • irrigation of public and private gardens and landscape areas, including parks, sport fields, golf courses, cemeteries, etc;
  • irrigation of private individual gardens.
These guidelines are intended to provide assistance for the benefit of users of TWW for irrigation. The guidelines relate to the widespread and common ranges of water quality rather than exceptional or unique ones and are intended for the use by professionals, such as irrigation companies (designers and operators), agricultural extension officers or advisors, water companies (designers and operators), and local authorities. The use of these guidelines by farmers might require additional specifications.

Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle

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