Monday 12 September 2016

Cardiopulmonary diseases

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Introduction. Respiratory pathology is commonly associated with cardiopulmonary diseases. For this reason, patients with signs and symptoms belonging to cardiopulmonary diseases frequently seek medical attention in pulmonology health care units searching for specialist´s advice. In this context, it can be stated that cardiopulmonary disorders are frequently intricated with lung diseases.

Methodology. The present study refers to the statistical analysis of two groups of symptomatic patients with known cardiopulmonary disease, who came to the pulmonology specialized medical services for medical consult. As a first investigation, chest radiography was carried out as a standard targeted screening. For this study we randomly chose two groups of symptomatic patients who came for medical consult to the specialized pneumology unit in two distinct calendar periods. The data analysis of this study was done by gender and age group.

Results. The results of the study were plotted comparatively for all patients in the two study groups. The rendering of the results was done using sectorial graphics. Thus, information regarding the vulnerable gender to respiratory diseases was shown, regarding patients who have been diagnosed with cardiopulmonary disease. At the same time, data regarding age groups with known chronic cardiopulmonary pathology vulnerable to lung disease were plotted.
Conclusions. The data presented in this study and the obtained results render information on respiratory pathology associated with cardiopulmonary disease in chronic patients with various cardiopulmonary disease.

The reference is:

Gyurka A. G., Cheşcă S. A., Sandle T. Statistical study on cardiopulmonary diseases, Medicine and Ecology, 79 (2): 95-98

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