Tuesday 29 November 2016

Design and Construction Standards to Build a Cleanroom

To maintain and assure quality, there are specific standards that apply to these spaces and guide the process of constructing and operating the rooms. While adhering to these requirements makes designing and constructing a cleanroom more complex than conventional construction projects, the standards serve as a blueprint for the successful completion of a cleanroom that will meet the exacting demands of the end-user.

Matt Strong has written an interesting article for Controlled Environments titled “Applying Design and Construction Standards to Successfully Build a Cleanroom.”

Here is an extract: “The first step in the cleanroom design process involves creating the Utility Matrix (UM), which outlines detailed specifications on each piece of equipment used in the cleanroom. This document, which is crucial to the cleanroom design, must be created and approved with the participation of the cleanroom operator/user. The UM can be developed directly by the operator, if the expertise exists in-house, or an outside consultant can be brought in to assist in development of the cleanroom layout and process flow. Once it’s completed, designers will use the UM to design the specific support systems required for the cleanroom. The UM remains an important document even after facility construction and should be continually updated throughout the life of the cleanroom.”

The article can be accessed here.

Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle

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