Monday 9 November 2020

Physician Recruiters: Ways To Establish Trust With Employers and Candidates

Recruiters and healthcare organizations have a job to do: recruit, hire, and retain the best people for vacancies. How does a smart recruiter position their organization for success now and in the future?

A guest post by Mildred Austria.

Here are some tips for recruiters to thrive in today's market.


Given the high demand, it has never been so difficult to gain a competitive advantage over your colleagues. Statistics and trends suggest a very competitive hiring environment for doctors today.

A healthcare recruitment agency or physician recruiter who hire doctors must be as efficient and effective as possible in recruiting and retaining doctors for the future.

The many complex challenges that they must gracefully and effectively address are: managing multiple searches, using technical tools, and engaging with potential candidates daily.

Build your database

Successful recruitment of doctors depends on a defined process, a proven track record and finding and placing the best available candidates. The most successful physician recruiters work hard to establish trust with their employers and patients.

Although recruitment of medical professionals may be very diverse, hiring those with field experience will likely save both time and money and help you focus on achieving high-quality results. 


Start developing an extensive medical database. This can be employed for efficient recruitment of medical staff and other healthcare staff in each area of specialization.

A solid database is essential to speed up the time required to find and hire the right candidate. Large recruiters go beyond databases by casting a wide net to reach for potential candidates. If your databases are properly maintained, you can start sourcing high-quality candidates as soon as possible.

Develop your networks

Recruiters with medical experience know how to use their resources to find highly specific candidates, quickly extend their reach beyond their databases, and rely on a carefully constructed networks within the medical community.

Successful medical recruiters have a network that includes doctors, nurses, medical associations, teaching hospitals, medical schools and other health professionals.

Through these means, physician candidates can be introduced to appealing practice possibilities.

Social recruiting

The primary goal of social recruiting is to use social media profiles to identify the best candidates for job vacancies and then build the connections to build the candidate pipeline. A glance at a doctor's LinkedIn profile and their social media profiles can make for a very targeted approach to recruiting.

Of course, you want to talk to doctors and candidates personally, but this is just the beginning of the relationship process. The more you know about a candidate, the more secure you can be in your placement and the better your relationship is.

Social recruiting through various platforms also creates trust, something that doctors who have grown tired of faceless spam appreciate.

The power of personal recommendations

If you have proven yourself as a doctor recruiter, you can collect referrals from current employers and past candidates. This shows that they have relied on you, and you have met their needs and taken the hassle out of the hiring process for them.

Simply put, talented people know other talented people, and when you ask for recommendations from people you know are successful, you are helped to build a strong relationship with the customers you work with.


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