Sunday 6 December 2020

Digital Transformation for Biopharmaceuticals


The world is being transformed, both in terms of technology and culture, as digital technologies become commonplace. From artificial intelligence to digital twins, and from big data analytics to e-learning.


To make sense of what is happening in the world of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, Tim Sandle has written a new book (the first part of a two volume series). Volume one addresses digital technologies for automation and process improvement.


Tim Sandle explains more about the book in the following video:




The book explores what each technology does, the potential use of the technology and the practical aspects for its implementation, along with the changes to culture and structure necessitated by digital transformation. This first volume covers process-centric themes and related regulatory aspects and standards.


The chapters in this volume are:


  • The New Normal? Digital Technologies and the Transformation of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare
  • Automating the Process and Fostering the Digital Pharma Company
  • Big Data Analytics: Collecting Process and Product Centric Data
  • Real-Time Metrics: Advances with Process Analytical Technology
  • Ultimate Preventative Measures? The Use of Predictive Analytics Technology
  • The New Vision Use of Digital Twins and Virtual Reality
  • Securing Data Collection: Adoption of Wireless Technology and Cloud Computing in Pharma
  • Key Considerations for the Adoption and Operation of Electronic Batch Records
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Drug Development Process
  • Blockchain, Track and Trace Technology and Counterfeit Medicines


The book is available from the PDA Bookstore, either a hardback or, appropriately given the subject matter, as a digital edition. Please see:


The reference is:


Sandle, T. (2021) Digital transformation and regulatory considerations for biopharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturers: Digital technologies for automation and process improvement, DHI / PDA, River Grove, IL, USA


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