Tuesday 1 December 2020

Genetic testing can identify antibiotic resistance


The bioscience company LexaGene has developed a point of care medical device that can identify pathogens as well as antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance within one hour. The device does this completely automatically through the amplification of genetic material.

Tim Sandle has written an article on this subject for Pharmig News. This takes the form of an interview with Dr. Jack Regan.

In terms of antimicrobial resistance, One of the recommended courses of action is to improve the use and development of diagnostics—laboratory tests that help identify the germ causing an infection, so that resistant infections can be earlier and guide appropriate antibiotic use. One such test has been developed by LexaGene is a company based in Beverly, Massachusetts, U.S. The method works by amplifying the genetic material in the sample from the patient to identify it, rather than waiting for a culture which takes 3-5 days.

The reference is:

Sandle, T. (2020) Genetic testing can identify antibiotic resistance, Pharmig News, 81, pp6-7

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