Tuesday 16 March 2021

5 Things to Know About CBD Hemp Flower Before Buying


As the demand for CBD is increasing, many people are opening up to trying out different CBD products. One such product is the hemp flower. It is the flower derived from the female hemp variety of the cannabis - Sativa plant. This flower also contains cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, contributing to some health benefits.

A guest post by Hannah Gilbert

CBD flower is a non-intoxicating form of cannabis that looks, smells, and feels like the THC cannabis strains. People usually smoke or vape it to enjoy its soothing and relaxing effects. This CBD form also absorbs into the system faster, providing instantaneous effects. It is ideal for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and other similar conditions.

If you are interested in trying hemp flower, you need to know some of the essential things. These include the amount of CBD, THC, quality of the flower, and more. Given below are five things to know about it before buying.

  1. CBD Levels

Not all hemp flowers come with the same levels of CBD. The amount of CBD will depend on the strain of the plant. Different levels of CBD produce different effects. One thing to note here is that the higher the level, the more effective it will be in treating health conditions.

  1. CBD Strain

There are three categories of CBD strains available. These include Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, and all of them have different effects and highs. If you want to experience relaxing effects, the Indica CBD strain is perfect to use at bedtime.

Sativa is better suited for daytime use and offers an uplifting effect. If you want the characteristics of both, Hybrid CBD strains are best to use.

  1. THC Content

The next important thing to know is the THC content in the hemp flower. THC is one of the active compounds in the hemp plant that can make users high. Hemp flowers with a THC content of 0.3% or less will not make you high. For buying an effective CBD flower, always look for a higher CBD to THC ratio.



  1. Terpene Profile

The terpene profile will determine the smell of the flower, which will impact the way you experience cannabis. While buying, testing the flower's aroma is important as you will certainly not like to use a product the smell of which you do not like.

CBD strains with high terpene concentrations will have a powerful smell, while those with low terpene concentrations will have subtle aromas. While shopping online, you may also go through customer reviews of how the CBD flower smells.

  1. Lab Testing

For buying quality hemp flowers, make sure the brand offers third-party lab testing results. The hemp lab report might contain the total cannabinoids, terpene profile, CBD concentration present in the tested flower and also provide information on potential contaminants.

Make sure you buy only the best hemp flower that improves your health conditions for which you are consuming it. Also, it would help if you purchased it from a reputed seller that offers high-quality strains giving you value for your money. Check the source and cultivation method to get the best variety.


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