Thursday 18 March 2021

Impact Statement – Disinfectant Residual Activity

Proposal for clarifying regulatory requirements for residual claims for disinfectants  - new from PHSS.

The Australian TGA has received a number of enquiries relating to residual activity claims for disinfectants, including whether statements can be made for disinfectants such as ‘residual activity for up to 30 days’, and what testing methods should be used to provide evidence for these claims. As a result it has put forward a proposal document asking for feedback on the following:-.

1. A definition of residual activity of a disinfectant product

2. Testing standards for residual activity claims

3. Acceptance criteria for residual activity claims

4. Whether there should be a limit on the period over which residual activity is claimed

5. Whether residual activity claims should be restricted to general bacteria only and other specific organisms

6. Whether residual activity claims should be disallowed. 

The consultation Is only open from March 1 – 26 so time for comment is very short. Members and other interested parties may wish to respond directly to TGA as individuals or on behalf of their company. See:-consultation and news item

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