Monday 17 May 2021

Firing an arrow with new antibiotics


Scientists have successful developed a so-termed ‘poisoned arrow’ designed to defeat antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Such developments are critical in the battle against antimicrobial resistant organisms. The success is based on a dual-mechanism.


Ever since their discovery some decades ago, antimicrobial agents particularly antibiotics have saved mankind from the morbidity and mortality of innumerable infectious diseases and/or pathogenic agents even till date. However, due natural resistance; mis-prescribing; overuse; and arguably mis-use (in the case of administering antibiotics to farm animals), many pathogenic organisms have developed resistance to the most common antimicrobials, creating a pressing global need for alternatives.


This article looks at three areas of research where antimicrobials are being innovated in novel ways.




Sandle, T. (2021) Firing an arrow with new antibiotics, Pharmig News, Issue 82, pp16-8


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