Monday 24 May 2021

Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination Technology: A Solution For Decontamination In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (iHP) is a relatively new technology that is being applied for surface decontamination as an alternative to conventional vapor phase hydrogen peroxide and other agents used for bio-decontamination. There is considerable literature in support of conventional vapor phase hydrogen peroxide in terms of inactivation of bacteria (vegetative and endospores), fungi, prions, and viruses; whereas ionized hydrogen peroxide, at the time of writing, is a novel technology. Interest in the technology arises due to the lower concentration (and by inference, the smaller quantities of chemical required) and faster time (in that a shorter aeration period should be required). The price of ionized hydrogen peroxide systems are also typically lower. However, there are concerns that ionized hydrogen peroxide (also referred to as ‘activated’ hydrogen peroxide) sometimes fails to achieve the 6-log reduction limit, expected regulatory authorities, in the number of viable microorganisms.


Tim Sandle has written an article on this novel technoligy, see:

Sandle, T. (2021) Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination Technology In The Vapor Form: A Solution For Decontamination In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?, Journal of Validation Technology, 27 (1):

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