Thursday 10 March 2022

Reasons to Have a Go-to Pharmacist Near You


There are many reasons why people need to have a good relationship with a pharmacist near them. Many people rely on regular medication for their overall health or for specific conditions. This article will go over the important reasons to have a go-to pharmacist who is located close to you.

By Emma Sturgis

They Understand Your Medication

A pharmacist that you go to regularly will be well acquainted with what medications you take. Because of this, they will make sure to keep stocked up on your specific medications within the pharmacy. This will make it effortless for you to get your prescriptions filled. They will also have your information on file, including your health insurance information. When it comes time to pick up your prescription, it will be ready to go for a quick pick up.

They Can Give You Advice

A pharmacist who is well acquainted with you can give you advice about your medications. If you start taking something new, they will tell you what types of interactions might occur with your other medications. They will keep you informed about side effects and new studies about the medication. They will also give you advice on the best way to take your medications, such as if you need to take them with food, can crush them, etc.

To Easily Change Your Medication

If you need to get a new prescription filled or need to start taking a new medication, it will be a seamless transition if your pharmacist knows you already. You can give them a call and they will have your prescription ready without having to give them your information again.

To Be Proactive With Your Health

Having a pharmacist you are comfortable with will help you be proactive with your health. You won’t fear going to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions. You will trust your pharmacist, so you will be more likely to stay on top of your regular doctor check ups and taking your medications.


There are many reasons to find a pharmacist you trust and can build a relationship with. If you are someone who needs to take regular medication, find pharmacies near you and determine which one you feel the most comfortable with. After that, make sure you establish a relationship to always keep stocked up on your medications and take charge of your health.

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