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Different Types of Healthcare Apps Which are Supposed to Dominate 2023


The meaning of dominance here is Leading healthcare apps, which we anticipate to rule 2023.

By Parth Patel

The healthcare industry has always been sensitive. somehow it is connected to all of us in all possible ways mentally, emotionally, and physically. 


In other words, the rising cost of medical care and the growing population are factors affecting healthcare developers in the future.


Today, the IT sector plays a significant role in improving the healthcare sector. 


Advance robotics, AI machines, and IoT devices are good examples of it.


As per the report, ”The global healthcare IT market is expected to grow up to USD 121.75 Billion in 2025 with an annual growth rate(CAGR) of 9.76%”.


So, let's have a look at which healthcare app is most likely to become the market's supreme leader in 2023.


Types of healthcare apps:


Types of healthcare apps:


#1 Telemedicine:

The novel coronavirus has stretched the healthcare system. after covid-19 patients are getting sick from other diseases.


Doctors are finding another way to treat patients without coming in touch.


Here, the telemedicine app takes place.


It is an electronic communication and software to monitor patients and track them in real-time.  


The number of Medicare patients using telehealth is grown from 11,000 to 650,000 people a week.



#2 Mental health app:


Mental health was a big issue people faced during covid-19.


Due to the economic collapse, people have lost their businesses and jobs.


People started facing mental health issues like stress, anxiety, relationship, parenting, depression, and self-esteem. 


Taking advice from a therapist is the only way people hope to overcome these issues. mental health app makes it easy for them.


Why do people choose mental health apps?:


       Get therapy from a psychologist in your comfort zone.

        Mostly free or low cost

       Improved mood

       Access to help whenever you need

       Measure your improvement with goal tracking

       Live interactive sessions with a therapist


#3 Appointment booking app:


Scheduling an appointment is too much difficult for the patient and doctor. calling the clinic, calling on hold, waiting for hours to get confirmation. and many more issues. 


However, the appointment booking app is calendar-based scheduling software. It will assist you in managing the schedules of patients.


Also, patients are satisfied by saving time and getting quick services.


#4 Diet tracker app:


The diet tracker app is the most significant way to take care of your physical health, which is more important.


It helps you track your food cycle. meanwhile, It aware’s you to not consume extreme food which is unhealthy for your body.


You can set your daily nutritional diet plan.


For instance, let’s say you want to measure how much nutrition like protein, antioxidation, and iron you consume per day.


How does the tracking diet app work for you?:


       Measure the calories you burn every day

       Helps with weight loss

       Awares you to don’t eat unhealthy food

       Manage your food cycle

       Daily exercise reminder

       Customize diet plan


#5 Online pharmacy or medicine delivery app:


An online pharmacy app lets you order medicine without any prescription and delivers it to your doorstep.


For instance, let’s say you are sick and need medicine urgently. but you are not able to go to the medical store.


So, by using the online pharmacy app, you can order medicine and get it delivered to your doorstep in a minute.


#6 Fitness app:


Fitness apps are designed to work in places like the living room, your hotel, in the park, or even in the gym. You can access them from anywhere you want, anytime you want.


The fitness app will guide you through every step of your exercise.


Furthermore, getting rewards after completing tasks will ultimately encourage you to do more exercise.


Smart features of fitness app:


       Set your daily exercise routine

       Monitor real-time metrics like heart rate, and pulse rate

       Get reminders

       Measure calories burn

       Get guidance from a trainer


       Keeps you motivated

       Monitor your progress


#7 Employee Wellness App:


An employee wellness app is a program designed to maintain employee health. By creating an organizational health culture, you can create an environment for employees to promote their holistic well-being.


Benefits of using a wellness app:


       Reduce health care cost

       Increase Employee retention

       Less stress

       More productivity

       Happier employee

       Improved work relationship


Problems to be solved before becoming a dominant Leading app:


       Patients can’t afford medical care due to an increase in the cost of healthcare.

       Patient data is very crucial. It needs to be protected from cybercrime.

       Every treatment can’t be done through an app. At some point time, patients need to visit the hospital.

However, to become a dominant leader, you have to build an app with advanced features.

As a result, this problem can be solved by investing more money in the healthcare IT sector. Who is especially working for “healthcare app development”.


As per the report, "from science direct states that investment in IT healthcare such as revenue cycle management software has been proven to reduce the operational cost of healthcare."


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