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Ways to Keep Your Pharmacy Fully Stocked at All Times

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If you are a pharmacist, you may be familiar with some of the challenges of running a pharmacy. One of these is certainly having enough drugs and medications in stock to fill prescriptions as soon as they come in. Not having these in stock could mean losing business. It can even put patients at risk. With that in mind, below are ways to keep your pharmacy fully stocked at all times.


By Anita Ginsburg

Expired and About-to-Expire Inventory

One issue some pharmacists face is having a false belief they do have the needed drugs in stock. However, this may not be the truth. Instead, the drugs in question may have expired or are about to expire. One thing you should train your employees on is how to identify that stock and remove it from your inventory immediately. That way, stock that can actually be safely sold to customers can be ordered instead. Doing so will also make your pharmacy safer since expired drugs are dangerous.


Keeping the drugs you need in inventory can be quite expensive. If you want to save money to ensure your pharmacy can make a profit, you should find a wholesale distributor for many of the prescriptions you need. RxRise is one such example. You can use this service to buy the drugs you need in bulk at a serious discount compared to other distributors. These savings can also be passed on directly to customers. You’ll benefit, and your customers will benefit as well.

Pharmaceutical Inventory Management System

Like any business that keeps inventory, you need strong inventory control. While in the past this was done with a pencil and paper, today, you can use a digital inventory management system to help streamline your inventory control process. Choose software customized for use by pharmacies. You can probably find it as part of a larger pharmaceutical software suite. Such software may have automation features. What this means is stock can be automatically reordered as soon as it’s low enough. That way, you’ll be far less likely to ever run out of the drugs and other medical products you need.


Overall, managing a pharmacy is not easy. One problem you are likely to face is running out of stock before relevant prescriptions are ordered. This can lose business and customer confidence very quickly. Instead, ensure you have the stock you need at all times by utilizing the tips listed above. Doing things like instituting an inventory management system and ordering in bulk can go a long way.


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