Sunday 24 September 2023

Recent Injury? What to Do When Your Wounds Won't Heal


Though injuries are a common occurrence in our daily lives, they can be frustrating and painful when they take too long to heal. While most people can expect their minor injuries to heal within days or weeks, some may encounter a situation where the wound doesn't seem to heal at all. This can be a cause of concern and may require special attention. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why a wound may not heal and essential steps to take towards healing.


By Hannah Whittenly


Seek Medical Attention

If your wound has not healed even after three weeks of usual healing, you should seek medical attention. It may indicate an underlying medical condition that would require treatment. A healthcare provider can identify the type of wound and provide Non-Healing Wound Care.


Clean and Dress the Wound

A wound that isn't healing could be due to inadequate care, leading to the accumulation of bacteria. Thoroughly clean the wound to remove any debris and bacteria that could delay the healing process. Dress the wound using a sterile bandage that will keep the affected area clean, protected, and moist. Depending on the type of wound, you may need to change the dressing daily or as required.


Keep off the Affected Area

Avoid any activities or movements that could put pressure on the wound. This could be lifting heavy objects or exposing the wound to excessive moisture that could lead to infection.


Eat a Healthy Diet

Ensure you eat a balanced diet that includes proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Proteins such as chicken, fish, or legumes have amino acids essential for the production of collagen which plays a vital role in the wound healing process. An adequate intake of vitamins such as Vitamin C and Zinc can also promote faster wound healing.


Stay Hydrated- Ensure that you drink plenty of water as this helps hydrate the skin and prevents it from breaking down. Dehydration leads to a decrease in blood supply to the affected area, leading to delayed healing.


In conclusion


Wounds that don't heal can indicate underlying health conditions that require treatment. If you find that your wound is not healing after a reasonable period, seek medical attention. In addition to medical treatment, proper wound care, a healthy diet, and hydration can promote wound healing. By following the above steps, you’re likely to promote faster healing, reduce the risk of infection and minimize scarring.


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