Monday 9 December 2013

Are Cleanrooms Clean?

In the current edition of the Gold Sheet, Bowman Cox addresses some of the findings raised at the recent PDA Microbiology conference (October 2013, Bethesda MD, USA).

The review centers on presentations made around the subject of the Human Microbiome project and the implications that this raises for cleanroom microbiology. The presentations reviewed are by Tim Sandle and Karen Nelson.

Nelson’s presentation presented an overview of the human microbiome findings, whereas Sandle’s presentation addressed the microbial ecology of human skin and some of the issues that this raises for cleanroom contamination control. Sandle’s focus was upon the role of skin shedding, the limitations of microbiological culture media, the viable-but-non-culturable issue, the need to expand media and disinfectant panels with environmental isolates, and the anaerobic microorganism issue. Dr. Sandle also raised considerations for the investigation of microbial data deviations.

The reference for this informative overview is:

Cox, B. (2013). Are Cleanrooms Clean? Human Microbiome Project Raises Some Questions, The Gold Sheet, 47 (11): 16-18

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